How much does poor employee health cost?

Industry experts say that obese employees alone cost U.S. businesses an estimated $12.7 billion in health care, sick leave, and life and disability insurance.  A figure that can increase with each additional risk factor.


You know that employee…

the one who skids into her parking spot at 5 minutes to 9:00, rushes to her desk carrying her overflowing hand bag, balancing her Starbucks in one hand and her jelly filled donut in the other, claiming that mornings always stress her out?  She is the one who scarfs down a sandwich and diet coke at noon and then takes a smoke break to unwind.   She stays late at the office grinding through her to-do-list – chained to her desk for what she claims to be 10 hours straight.  You might be impressed by her dedication.  After all she is a hard worker, adding value to the company, right?  Why does it matter that she is overweight, pre-diabetic and dealing with high blood pressure?  Those are her issues, not yours.  It’s not like you are a vision of health yourself.  What she does with her time and to her body is not your concern.


Missing in action on and off the floor

There is no denying that absenteeism is a huge problem in the work place.  When your people don’t show up, someone else must pick up the slack and do the work to keep projects from falling behind.  This is not just a distraction, it’s an expense.

But a problem, just as substantial and needing your concern, that often goes unnoticed or unchecked, happens in the workplace every day. 


Clearly, employers have a vested interest in keeping their employees healthy. 

Health & Wellness Motivation understands that!

Health and Wellness Motivation exists to motivate, inspire and educate busy work place professionals to improve their health, wellness and overall life performance.

Karen Creasey started the Health and Wellness Motivation company to inspire good health and to help executives and business owners foster a culture of wellness in their workplaces.  Health and Wellness Motivation accomplishes this currently, by providing busy work place professionals with effective health and lifestyle management tools.  These tools help elevate the human experience in the workplace by influencing behavior change, enhancing personal development, and fostering improved performance outcomes.

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