Health and Wellness Motivation…

exists to motivate, inspire and educate busy work place professionals to improve their health, wellness and overall life performance.

We provide busy work place professionals with effective health and lifestyle management tools that influence behavior change, enhance personal development, and foster improved performance outcomes.

We recognize that changing health behaviors is not easy. It requires reversing habits that have been formed over decades. It requires overcoming the cultural norms of society, circumventing the food industry ploy’s, carving out time for health despite the demands of work and family, and soul searching with a deep commitment to change.

Health and Wellness Motivation understands this and is tackling these challenges by offering a range of first touch quality awareness level programming to a more detailed comprehensive supportive level of programming.

Health and Wellness Motivation Program Offerings:

  • Health promotion and programs aimed at fostering better health and disease prevention through behavior change.
  • Lifestyle management intervention.
  • Primary prevention programs addressing health related behaviors and risk factors.
  • Health Coaching.
  • Nutrition, exercise and fitness packages.
  • Helping individuals discover their risks and make needed lifestyle changes (provide a Health Risk Assessment).
  • Effective communication strategies: ranging from face-to-face interaction to broad dissemination.
  • Opportunities for employees to engage, have fun and receive support.
  • Program evaluation and outcome analysis.
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Fresh Start Program
Step-By-Step Program
About Face Program

Health and Wellness Motivation aims for you to recognize these outcomes:

  • Healthier happier employees.
  • A reduction in medical costs.
  • A reduction in absenteeism/presenteeism.
  • A reduction in health-related productivity losses.
  • Improved performance outcomes.
  • Work place comradery.

Pricing and Customization

Health and Wellness Motivation customizes programming according to the needs of each organization.  As a result, pricing is not static.  To talk to us about your needs and to get a price quote, click below.

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