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It is Time…

AWAKEN and Live a More Meaningful Life!

Are you ready to…

Maximize your energy?

Take off unwanted pounds?

Improve your overall life performance?


Karen knows you desire to achieve full health and full wellness!  She is dedicated to help you achieve your goals.  

Karen believes that living a healthy lifestyle and choosing wellness are within your reach!  

Starting right now!  Right where you are!


*Reach your health and wellness goals!  Take a first step, a simple step, a doable step and reach out to Karen for help.

*Successful behavior is almost always the result of small achievements over time.  You can do it!

*Ask yourself

  • What would be the first thing I would do in the morning if I were more fit?

  • How would I spend my time?

  • What activities would I add to my life?

*It is all possible!  One small step at a time can make a huge difference.

*Getting started is the hardest part.  Karen makes it easy!

Contact Karen Today!

The Best way to learn is from the Best.    

Whether it is through Group Coaching, One-On-One Coaching, a Keynote, Workshops,or any combination,

Karen has what you need to excel today and exceed tomorrow!

Karen is committed to see you succeed!

Contact Karen Today!

 Be inspired. – Be motivated. – Be changed.

If you are looking for…

 A healthier lifestyle

 Caring passionate interaction

 An expert without ego

 An example of overcoming adversity with grace

Karen Creasey is the coach for you!

When you choose Karen you won’t be getting a cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill plan.  Customization is the name of the game.  

Karen believes every interaction makes a difference and should matter. Her health and wellness content is strategic to assist you in reaching your specific goals.  

Karen’s personal experiences make her empathetic and sympathetic.  

Her education and certifications equip her to help you at your point of need.  She has a Bachelor degree in human development and performance, a Masters degree in Communication and Leadership.  Karen is a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.  

As a cancer survivor, she knows how challenging physical change and personal improvement can feel.  Karen also knows it is possible!  Karen is upbeat, fun, organized and excited to help!  

She is well-appreciated and equipped to make a difference, empower you to go the distance, and cheer you on to a happy ending.

Why live a worn out and tired life?

When you can live energized? It is time to awaken and live a more meaningful life!

Partner with Karen Today!