I Am A Cancer Survivor

February 4th was the day I heard the three words that changed my life, “You have cancer.” That is when my relationship with the medical universe began. That is when my prayer life grew wings. That is when I discovered who I was always meant to be. That is when I really started to live.

I now live bearing the “Survivor” title.  A grateful title to be sure.  But, I have been wondering… when does a cancer patient really step into the exclusive, coveted, sheik, fur coat, club of popularity and start calling him or herself a cancer survivor? Is it after the R word, “Remission” is spoken by the all-knowing white coat? Is it when you finally hear the title “cancer free” or “cured”? Is it after some magic time frame, post every medical test known to man?

When is it exactly?

Here’s my angle. From the very day, I was told I have cancer (and before that if the truth be told) I have been surviving. I have been a survivor. I am a survivor! And guess what, SO ARE YOU!

“I am a survivor” is way more than a title; it’s an attitude and it does not require cancer to obtain it.  For instance, are you and I not surviving as we manage the daily busy demands in life that include things like working, paying bills, doctor visits, buying groceries and putting gas in the car? I mean, life goes on doesn’t it? The planet continues to spin on its axis whether we have cancer, or any other type of calamity, or not. 

Here is what I think.  Each day we wake up, we survived yesterday!  All of it.  Completely.  The good and the not so good.  Every new day is filled with the hope of a new beginning.  A new opportunity.  A new gift.   

So, I have decided not to wait for the title to be magically bestowed upon me from outside myself somewhere and neither should you. Instead, claim it today, like this… Today I am a survivor and a survivor I plan to be for a really long time.



If you’re struggling right now, keep standing.  Be brave.  Believe for better.  Think positive.  And may you be blessed in your trial and emerge a more complete and capable human being.


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